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Post by DewVoltage on Tue Feb 19, 2013 10:04 pm

So, Im going to give a brief intro to how this is all going to work and give a lot of examples.
There are 3 different events im going to do: Quizzes, Picture hunts, and gaming events. Let me break each of these down for you.

Quizzes are going to be me giving a question and you have so much time to give an answer. Its all a first person to post type thing. you can use any source but be fast about it Wink e.g. whats 2+2 first person to post 4 wins

Picture hunts, Im going to ask for a picture of something, you have to go on the internet and try to find it, the first 5 people to post are all going to have a chance on this one. I judge based on 3 things (not all at the same time) Funny, Beauty, and Serious. I will post what im looking for along with the picture hunts. E.g. I want a funny picture of a dog. Then post a link like this

Gaming events, this is going to be only for the people who have these certain games, but this one is worth double the points. Seeing as how this one is a bit unfair, I wont do it as often. But for example I would write something like this: Get on counter srtike source on this IP first one on to say a specific thing gets the points. Then we play on the server for a while, just for funs.

No editing! First answer is answer that is stuck in there.

This concludes the events section. this is mainly just to get people active and hyped up to get points and such. I am still looking for ideas on what you can spend points on. Go here and post your ideas!

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